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Аватар пользователя Leonardo

Guild of Messengers Meeting

The Guild of Messengers will have a Meeting this Saturday, to discuss about all their projects, activities and to greet the new Council Member Luna(nne)

The Meeting will not be held in the Cavern like our previous meetings, but will be in our IRC channel (kindly offered by MystLore).

Among other things and the usual friendly atmosphere, we will discuss these subjects:

  • Go! Magazine: Issue 2 development and plans for the future
  • GoMe History
  • GoMe structure document, clearing some points, inspired by the current GoG Discussion
  • Cavern Criers: use for polls and recruiting

The meeting is public and everyone is welcome to attend and bring their suggestions (or just attend for curiosity XD), it is also very recommended to attend if you may be interested in writing an article to be included in our Magazine.

Локация в Д'ни: 
GoMe IRC channel
Дата мероприятия: 
Февраль 19, 2011 - 11:00
Аватар пользователя Leonardo

2011 GoMe Elections!

The Guild of Messengers has finally finished its elections process and it has a new Guild Council to guide the Guild!

After a quick discussion of some practical details, the election process started on January 17th with the Nomination Phase, where Messengers got nominated to be candidates to the real election. After 10 days the Messengers that were nominated were:

  • White
  • Lunanne
  • Leonardo

And so the real elections could start. Each Messenger could vote for one of the three Candidates by sending an email to the Votes Collector, an external explorer not affiliated with the Guild of Messengers, who was Doobes.

Yesterday the elections period ended and today we had the final results of the election by Doobes:

The new two Guild Council Members are:

Lunanne(aka Luna) and Leonardo

And in particular we had:

11 Messengers voted in the election (a good percentage considering our list of active Messengers)

Leonardo: 6 votes - 55 %

Lunanne: 4 votes - 36 %

White: 1 vote - 9%

Аватар пользователя Leonardo

Guild of Messengers 2011 Elections

Shorah Everyone!
The Guild of Messengers is organizing the elections for its Guild Council (i.e. the Guild Masters)!

The process will last for 2 weeks if everything goes as planned, so for February there will be a new leadership for the GoMe, which may or may not be the current one.

The need for an election has been decided during the last Messengers Meeting in December, but the organization has been stopped for a month for contacting our Affiliates and letting them know, also discussing some details with them.

But now the time has come and the election mechanism will start very soon, keep following us here!!

Аватар пользователя Leonardo

Guild of Messengers Meeting

Shorah Explorers!

The Guild of Messengers will have a public meeting this saturday, December 11th at 12.00KITime in the Messengers' Pub.

The Pub is accessible from the Nexus if you have taken the Yellow t-shirt from Kirel

The agenda for the meeting follows:

  • Election of new Guild Masters
  • Go! Magazine Issue 2
  • Any other business
Локация в Д'ни: 
Messengers' Pub
Дата мероприятия: 
Декабрь 11, 2010 - 12:00
Аватар пользователя Marten

Rel.to - Looking for a new owner

As announced at today's Guild & Groups Meeting, I am looking for someone to take over rel.to in its entirety.  This will include transfer of the domain name (I'm renewing it for one more year today), and I'll talk to the current hosting provider about transferring the remaining hosting plan as well.

Interested parties - contact Marten by PM at either the MOUL forums or Guild of Messengers.

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